Wyoming: The New Old West

People are few and far between in Wyoming.  Those that do live here prize tradition, self-reliance, and their connection to the land.  So when change comes to the high plains—an oil boom, a minister with new ideas—communities here are tested.   And neighbors have to strike a balance between preserving their independent way of life, and learning to rely on one another. We trek to the small towns and remote ranches of Wyoming, meeting people as they adapt to the New Old West.

Episode Music

Carla BozulichJust As I Am
Carla BozulichMedley: Time of the Preacher / Blue Rock Mountain / Red Headed Stranger
Paddy BurginBlackwood Bay (played by Carl Bludts)
Paddy BurginSay My Name
Paddy BurginSpring Flower (played by Carl Bludts)
Joshua CheyenneBlack Lightning
Martin CotterSong for the Cowgirls
The Country WranglersBorn to Lose (instrumental)
Joe Speed BandBig and Rich
Joe Speed BandCowboy Soldiers (Please Send Us A Beer)
John FaheyKnoxville Blues
John FaheyMy Grandfather’s Clock
John FaheyRevolt of the Dyke Brigade
Leo KottkeEaster and the Sargasso Sea
Written by Tom T. Hall, Played on dobro by Larry BenhamOld Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine
Jed MarumPoor Wayfaring Stranger
Carl BludtsRed River Valley
Erik SatieGnossienne No. 3 (played by Anders Miolin on alto guitar)

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