The Southwestern Range

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Among the most iconic landscapes in America is the Western Range, a stretch of millions of acres of land, much of it remote and undeveloped. Deep traditions tie people to this land. But in the 21st century, it is also contested ground. Development pressures threaten open space as the Sun Belt becomes an economic powerhouse. Border issues mean life in some of these rural places has been transformed by violence and politics. But new ways are being forged on these fronts, ways that involve collaboration, innovation, and the rediscovery and reimagining of history on… the new Southwestern Range.


Episode Music

Artist Track
Friends of Dean Martinez All the Pretty Little Horses
Calexico Stray
Calexico Sonic Wind (Instrumental Mix)
Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, & Edgar Meyer Why Don’t You Go Back to the Woods
Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, & Edgar Meyer From Ankara to Izmir
Calexico Fake Fur
Modern Country Heroes Where I Come From
Kaki King Playing With Pink Noise
Calexico The Black Light
Guadalquivir Impacto
The Bills When The Bucket Runs Dry
Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, & Edgar Meyer The Earl of Hyndford & Open to the Present
Calexico The Ride Part II
Kaki King Frame
Calexico Quattro
Björn Olsson Låt I H-moll
Björn Olsson Melodi I H-Moll
Calexico Sprawl
Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, & Edgar Meyer The Hymn of Ordinary Motion
Björn Olsson Melodi I F#-Moll
Iron & Wine and Calexico Burn That Broken Bed
Jerry Douglas Takarasaka
Friends of Dean Martinez Cahuenga
Björn Olsson Lång Låt I A-dur
Orange Mighty Trio Convergence
Eric Tingstad Sunrise at Four Corners
Roy Rogers Home on the Range

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