SOTRU Short: The Possibilities of the Stars

Milky Way
Most of State of the Re:Union’s reporting is done right here in the United States, but today host Al Letson tells us a very personal story about his recent trip to Malawi.

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  • Michael Bischoff

    I’ve been listening to SOTRU for a while now, and appreciating all of them, but this short is, by far, my favorite. Thank you for sharing this very powerful story, Al! It helped me give some words to some of my own experiences of that presence you describe so well.

  • Doug Sprei

    Al, that was beautiful and true. Sometimes the very best stuff is imprinted only in us and doesn’t make it “onto tape.” Thanks for taking us to Malawi and the Milky Way with you; a little of that experience got imprinted in me.

  • lfskater

    I just heard this story a couple of Sundays ago driving home from work. Just a few weeks before a friend, a retired minister, told me a quote from a woman named Julian of Norwich who also had an experience of the presence of God . . . “All will be well and all manner of things shall be well.” As soon as you said “It got this. It will be well” I was reminded of Julian of Norwich.

  • Craig and Alison Harris

    This goes a long way in explaining why I feel I have fallen utterly short of my objective when i try to tell people about my experiences in short term missions work in Sierra Leone and Haiti. It will also help me the next time I try to share about it.

  • Yung Marcus

    Great piece. What is the name of the song in the background during DeGrasse Tyson clip?

    • SOTRU

      Thanks Yung! It’s “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra.

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