Southeastern Washington: The Unlikely Perfect Place

Southeastern Washington
The Tri-Cities are Richland, Pasco and Kennewick—3 cities clustered near one another in the vast plains and deserts of Washington state, to the east of the Cascade Mountains. It’s a region that seems like it would have little to attract newcomers—it’s largely remote, prone to dust storms, not close to any major city. But, over the decades, this area has drawn people from the world over, and, in this episode, we’ll explore how and why.

Episode Music

Artist Track
Zoe Keating Seven League Boots
Zoe Keating Flying and Flocking
Amon Tobin Saboteur
Amon Tobin The Bridge
Amon Tobin Chocolate Lovely
The Album Leaf Wet the Day
Yppah It’s Not the Same
Yppah Never Mess With Sunday
Yppah Playing with Fireworks
Bexar Bexar Learning to Love Her Lazy Eye
Bexar Bexar Sweet Devil
Bonobo Silver
Gentleman June Gardener It’s Gonna Rain
This Will Destroy You They Move on Tracks of Neverending Light
Andrew Bird Give It Away
Bobby & the Heavyweights Soul Trail
Orange Mighty Trio Northbound
The Heavy Girl
Queen We Are the Champions
LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out

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