SOTRU Short: Soteria

Photo permission from Theodor Itten
Photo Permission from Theodor Itten
In the 1970s, a prominent schizophrenia researcher named Dr. Loren Mosher noticed that the standard treatment in the hospital– medication, confinement– didn’t have good outcomes.  People didn’t get better in the long-term. So he launched an experiment, to try out pretty much the exact opposite of that treatment in the hospital. He called it Soteria.

This SOTRU short was produced in conjunction with our episode, The Hospital Always Wins. To listen to the entire episode, see pictures and more, visit our episode page.

  • Fr

    It’s a real drag that the world is brainwashed to use language like “people with schizophrenia”. That’s just a name, a degrading, dehumanizing name to call someone who is going through a crisis. Again with “hospital”, a locked building filled with nothing but forced drugging, no real doctors, no real biological tests, is not a hospital, it is a torture chamber.

    What society does, the violence that it inflicts on people who experience extreme states of mind, by having them hauled away for forced drugging, is a disgusting act of violence against the weakest people in society. Anybody who supports forced drugging is in favor of human rights atrocities and needs to re-examine their reasoning.

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  • Meli

    I want to be able to tell my grandchildren one day, that the incarceration of people experiencing psychosis is a thing of the past. One day, there will only be Soterias left, hopefully.

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