SOTRU Short: Dear Voices

Berta Britz Receives the Bell of Hope Award
Berta Britz
A twist on SOTRU’s regular Dear City letters feature: for this special podcast, we asked Berta Britz, who has been hearing voices for her entire adult life, to write a Dear Voices letter.

This SOTRU short was produced in conjunction with our episode, The Hospital Always Wins. To listen to the entire episode, see pictures and more, visit our episode page.

  • Deb

    Dear Ms. Britz, you are a very courageous woman and have conquered a lot in your life. Hearing voices and struggling alone is a very difficult situation to be in. I applaud your peer specialist duties as I am sure you are making others feel the acceptance you so desired as a child. I am so sorry you have to endure the torture and havoc of these voices. The hospital stays must have also been very scary for you. Individuals who have been traumatized hear voices more frequently than a lot of mental health professionals acknowledge. You used a letter to speak to your voices, what an empowering and terrifying experience this must have been for you. We use externalized dialogue in our treatment protocol, which is essentially writing a letter. You are a very strong woman. I wish you future success and empowerment in addressing your voices especially in
    your interactions with Hector. Sincerely, Deb at Intensive Trauma Therapy, Morgantown, WV

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