The Sorting of America

The U.S. has been a country shaped by migration, dating back to the days of the pioneers making their way West. But recently, this country has been seeing a different kind of migration, one motivated not by economic necessity, but lifestyle choices. More and more, people are moving to places where they’re surrounded by others like themselves. In this episode of SOTRU, we tell stories of this new kind of migration, of people moving to different corners of the country find (or build) themselves a haven.


Episode Music

Wendel PatrickIstanbul
Wendel PatrickUntitled (Fantastic)
Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg & Edgar MeyerThe Hymn of Ordinary Motion
Soul PositionThe Jerry Springer Episode
Soul PositionJust Think
BonoboAll in Forms
Tommy GuerreroTerra Unfirma
Chris JossThe Wait
Time MachineLet’s Not Be Real (Instrumental)
Time MachineA Million and One Things To Do (Instrumental)
Time Machine@$$hole (Instrumental)
MelodiumYou Could Feel Space and Atoms
MountainsSheets Two
TapeFire Made of Bones
Kaki KingIngots
Bexar BexarN.R.O.T.
Bexar BexarKt
Nina SimoneSinner Man
Blockhead11:35 Instrumental
The Flaming LipsApproaching Pavonis Mons By Ballon (Utopia Planitia)
  • Kimmaga

    These last few episodes have been some of my favorite yet! Really fantastic, so proud to have such a gem broadcast from Jax!

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