Sacramento, CA: All Hands on Deck

There’s been a lot of bad news coming out of Sacramento lately: homelessness, the foreclosure rate, unemployment, political gridlock in a state crippled by the recession.  Add to that a stubborn case of politics fatigue, and you’ve got a lot of reasons to write off this city.  But we trekked to California’s beleaguered state capital to peek behind the national headlines and find out who keeps this city running—day in, day out—despite all that’s going wrong.  And we left with the realization that people in Sacramento are remaking the American city, in surprising and deeply moving ways.


Go behind the scenes with host Al Letson and producer Laura Starecheski as they produce the Sacramento episode of State of the Re:Union.

Episode Music

Artist Track
The Alchemist 40 Bars
The Alchemist The Main Event
The Alchemist Victory or Defeat
Balanescu Quartet Life and Death
Balanescu Quartet Model
Balanescu Quartet Waltz
Binary Star Conquistadors (instrumental)
Blackalicious Decepticon (instrumental)
Jurassic 5 Action Satisfaction (instrumental remix by DJ Numark)
Jurassic 5 Concrete Schoolyard (instrumental)
Leo Kottke Easter
Leo Kottke The Fisherman
Library Tapes Klosterg
Michael Nyman Time Lapse
Sufjan Stevens John Wayne Gacy Jr. (TOR remix)
A Tribe Called Quest Can I Kick It? (instrumental)
Yo La Tengo Sea Urchins


  • Lisa V.

    Please post the “Love Letter to Sacramento” by Joshua (?) on your site. It was part of the “State of the Re-Union-Sacrament” episode re-broadcast on Tuesday, 9/24. It was so poignant and one of the best I’ve listened to so far!!

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