Pike County, OH: As Black as We Wish to Be

Pike County, Ohio

In this episode Al Letson and guest producer Lu Olkowski visit a tiny town in the Appalachian foothills of Ohio where, for a century, residents have shared the common bond of identifying as African-American despite the fact that they look white. Racial lines have been blurred to invisibility, and people inside the same family can vehemently disagree about whether they are black or white. It can be tense and confusing. As a result, everyone’s choosing: Am I black? Am I mixed race? Or, am I white? Adding to the confusion, there’s a movement afoot to recognize their Native-American heritage.

Photo Credit: Lloyd Cederstrand


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  • My-two-cents

    As a Caribbean light brown woman with a white Haitian husband and a black Hispanic adopted daughter this story hit home. Well worth the time I spent in my car outside of my home not wanting to come in so I wouldn’t miss a thing. Very thought provoking. Excellent work. Love your show. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • Hondo

    This show was a great wake up call to America’s {1 drop rule} Being a Bi racial middle age man, i understand how both sides feel. Get rid of racial classifications and that we are all Americans! This theory who’s “black” it is base on racist believes that is still rampant in our society. No other country in the world classify people this way. To me this is base on the old ” Jim Crow ” style of thinking. We all have the right to be who we want to be regardless, what our peers tell us to be! Hold your head up high and don’t be ashamed who you’re!

  • C J

    Hondo, I said that a long time ago. I though we were all AMERICANS. I am a 15 year Army veteran and the entire conversation about race is just unbearable for me. I’m just sick of hearing it. I was very saddened to hear about the sister who not only disowned her own sister, but aided in the ridicule of her own flesh and blood. The part about how she sits down with a group of her white friends and listen to them bad mouth the black person across the room hit home for me as well. That happens more than people know. It’s quite pathetic. I’m going to stop here now for the sake of I hate to waste energy on something so ridiculous. I guess we’re proud to be anything BUT American.

  • thankgodforpbsandnpr

    Considering all the advantages of being white in the U.S., the young woman’s choice to identify herself to other as white is a rational choice.

    • Lawrence

      How so? How is it ever rational to turn on your family for you own feelings of being wanted?

    • mischling2nd

      I agree. Some families are toxic. A mother who teaches her white children that they are “black” should be horsewhipped. Read “Passing” For Who You Really Are.

      • Really?

        Wow! What a choice of words “horsewhipped”. These people are culturally black because of their upbringing and life experiences. These people are probably more culturally and ethnically black than President Obama.

  • Sara

    This is about the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s sad to hear that people are ashamed of who they are and to have to deny who they are and to be so ashamed to be associated with a particular race- a race I’m a member of. It is sad.

    • mischling2nd

      If you look white, then you ARE white. Why is YOUR race so determined to forcibly claim and assimilate the European DNA of your hated but adored white “enemy”? Do you think you need to improve your stock?

      • Andre

        You are a failure in life, aren’t you? Just an angry, miserable animal not fit to associate with humans.

        • mischling2nd

          Andre, you’re another idiot who thinks that being white is somehow equivalent to being gods. You are still devoted to the racist doctrine of “inferior negro blood.”

          • beltainchild

            mischling2nd, insisting that pale skinned but ambiguously mixed race people identify as white (because that’s what YOU see when you look at them) makes you the one who is elevating whiteness to god status, not the other way around. As an African American, I grew up understanding that it’s genes not blood percentages that impact appearance. When you have obviously black parents and their recessive genes match up to give to fair skin, light eyes and keen features, should you then identify yourself as white or other? Who are you to call people idiots for identifying as THEY CHOOSE to identify.

          • mischling2nd

            You don’t “look white” by having two black parents. That may be a negro wet dream, but it’s not reality. The woman in the Pike County episode who was being humiliated by her pro-one-drop mother didn’t have any blacks in the family at all – only a dumb mother and sister who THINK they are superior varieties of “black.”

  • dBark_

    I also understand the feelings within the “One Drop Rule.” I, myself am only 1/16 Native American, but whenever I am asked my background, that is what i refer to myself as. It wasn’t even necessarily how i was raised, it is just the pride I hold about my family’s past that makes me label myself this way. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast, it was very informative and I was glad that I could connect to it in my own way.

  • Sue Richards

    I am a fan of NPR and now a fan of this show. Thank you for sharing this story and please keep up the great work.

  • mischling2nd

    Telling a physically white child that he or she is really “black” is a form of emotional child abuse.

    • enna Reyem

      All of your comments are ignorant! you are definitely part of the problem.

  • mischling2nd

    No one who “looks white” is “proud to be black.” That is ridiculous. You cannot be “proud” of a stigma. The members of the community who identify as what they are – white – are showing pride by refusing to consider themselves inferior or not good enough for their European ancestry.

    • Nik

      What’s the stigma? Seriously.

      • mischling2nd

        You’re seriously claiming that you don’t know? Why would anyone call a person of white ancestry AND phenotype “black” unless you believe that inter-mixture between “whites” and “blacks” degrades one race (whites) and improves another (black)? Explain to me how forcing a black identity on white people is different from forcing a “non-Aryan” identity on Jews, as the Third Reich did.

        • Nik

          Ooohhh, take it down a thousand … I think
          you misinterpreted my emphasis. The concept of degradation comes from an oppressor’s standpoint. It is absolutely true that historically,
          people were made to believe that certain races (well, really just one) were
          superior, and a slew of systems and laws (e.g., one drop rule) were put in
          place to relegate “tainted” people to those lower groups. And yes,
          this is likely what mixed race old-timers used to identify themselves, based on what was
          acceptable at the time. However, many of us no longer subscribe to the
          hierarchies of social stratification, realizing that race is a social construct. And although others might view a particular group as less than, I simply reject the notion that you cannot be proud of your
          declared identity within that group (this is irrespective of phenotype). Hey, my white-looking black
          family members exemplify this every day.

          • mischling2nd

            Nik, can you imagine a Jew calling himself a “non-Aryan” and pretending to take “pride” in it, pretending that it’s a positive identity instead of a badge of inferiority? No, because Jews aren’t stupid. I can’t say the same for these white-looking pretend “blacks.” By calling themselves “black,” they are only validating the alleged genetic inferiority of the “race” they claim to champion.

          • Nik

            Can’t say much about that because the great Aryan debate is not my area of historical expertise, but I DO know that when one constantly reinforces a thought, it can become true in one’s mind. It’s a fundamental of psychology. Since this reinforcement of certain “beliefs” is what makes people think that they or others are inferior, it’s quite possible that the reverse can be true as well.

    • Andre

      Nik – Don’t try to argue w/ a delusional racist who thinks they’re genius – that’s called a psychopath. You take low IQ and combine it with psychopath and you have a very bad outcome.

      • mischling2nd

        Nothing is more stupid than black and pretend-black idiots who want to maintain and endorse a racist system of “one drop” hypodescent based on the supposed biological inferiority of the “race” they claim to champion.

        • Andre

          What kkk pamphlet did you get that from? I think your mother, I mean your wife, is calling you for supper.

          • mischling2nd

            What is more stupid than an idiot like Andre? He claims that people who reject the doctrine of white racial purity are racists and those who support it are …what?

  • mischling2nd

    Those fools who call themselves “black” when they are white are addicted to the open-mouthed shock they receive from strangers when they make the ridiculous claim of being the opposite of what they look like. That mother who deliberately humiliated her daughter in front of her date should be horsewhipped.

  • Sunshine4

    In what world do these mud race abominations look white? 1488

    • Andre

      I can tell you are two things by the word you used: You are a racist who identifies as a christian. Oh, and you’re an angry, failed sub-human.

  • tad

    The concept of “race” is simply nonsensical.

  • vcragain

    Just found this – I am from the UK and been here for 30 yrs – this country has so much sickness at it’s heart, I am very very sorry for you all – don’t these ‘white’ (actually it’s sludge color! oh my God !!) idiots know that they too likely have black ancestry – every European country has had black immigrants who have blended in for hundreds and hundreds of years AND going back further genetics is showing that Europeans actually had pretty dark skins until only a few thousand years ago – so what are you going to do – root it out ? You also call yourselves ‘Christians’ no doubt ? What a bunch of hypocritical nasty humans with no sense of ‘I am my brother’s keeper’ !!!! I am ‘white’ but not very proud of this race classification – I try to be a caring human being FIRST.

    • Andre

      If you’re from the UK, Britain being the ultimate colonizer, then you’re throwing stones. Do you think hypocrisy ends at the U.S.’s shores? The Brits are just as much hypocritical racists christians as those in the U.S.. So back at ya, mate!



  • ADE

    To be honest I grew up with people who look like this in my family! There are many families like this in Nash, Halifax, and Warren County, NC and just like them they all associate with being black and Haliwa Saponi Native American. The last names of these families in my area are Evans, Richardson, Mills, Lynch, Silver, and Red haired Dunston’s. I’ve added a picture of my Grandfather and his brother who had a saying when asked his race “Well, Im White but I’m Black”!