Ozarks: Full Circle


The Ozarks have long been an isolated part of the country. Steep mountains break up the landscape into hills and hollows, making each little town into its own microcosm. Here, families have stayed in the same hollows for generations with little influence from the outside world, which means that their daily life is steeped in the past. In this episode, SOTRU goes deep into the lives of people who live with the ghosts of their past.


Episode Music

Andrew BirdLull
Andrew BirdMake Hay
Andrew BirdSection 8 City
Andrew BirdSwedish Folk Tune
Andrew BirdYou Woke Me Up
Art Galbraith and Gordon McCannArt’s Rag
Art Galbraith and Gordon McCannBilly in the Low Ground
Art Galbraith and Gordon McCannDixie Blossoms
Art Galbraith and Gordon McCannDown Home Waltz
Art Galbraith and Gordon McCannI’ve Got No Use for the Women
Art Galbraith and Gordon McCannOzark Moon Waltz
Art Galbraith and Gordon McCannWhiskey Before Breakfast
RatatatBreaking Away
Red Heart the TickerBraes of Yarrow (Instrumental)
Red Heart the TickerMother’s in the Graveyard (Instrumental)
Tyler GibbonsOld Journey