Mississippi Gulf Coast: Defending the Gulf

After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the area, Mississippi Gulf Coast residents were forced to come together to deal with the aftermath. Then, just as they were starting to get back on their feet, the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster dumped millions of barrels of oil into the water just off their shores. Cumulatively, these events have made environmentalists out of a whole lot of Gulf Coast residents who may not have considered themselves as such… We tell an hour of stories about the fight for the natural world Gulf Coast bringing residents together, both with one another and with unlikely partners—and how, in some instances, that fight is turning out to be exactly what a community needed to survive.

Episode Music

Artist Track
Rosco Bandana Time to Begin
John Fahey Dance of the Inhabitants of the Invisible City of Bladensburg
Erik Friedlander Pressure Cooking
North Mississippi All Stars All Night Long
Trace Bundy Bristlecone
Mississippi Fred McDowell Keep Your Lamps
Helios A Mountain of Ice
Typhoon Summer Home
Bonobo All in Forms
Shira E Road is the Road
This Will Destroy You Quiet
Little People Fisticuffs at Dawn
Little People Gravitas
Little People Start Shootin
Mogwai Auto Rock

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