Milwaukee, WI: City of Vision

Once the toolbox to the world, Milwaukee has suffered the fate of many American rust belt cities. But despite shuttered businesses, and high unemployment rates, Milwaukee and its resilient people are poised for a rebirth. State of the Re:Union visits Milwaukee to explore it’s industrial past and to learn of its post-industrial future.


  • Viva La Polka!

    State of the Re:Union visits Milwaukee’s last polka bar, Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall. The owner believes that keeping the live polka tradition at the venue is important but has also branched out to host surf, rockabilly and country bands as well.
  • The Bravest Thing

    Will Allen started a food revolution in creating new urban farmers across the country. State of the Re:Union explores one of those farms in Milwaukee called Sweet Water Organics. Check out their incredible process that utilizes aquaponics and hydroponics, as well as their philosophy on taking another step to fighting the phenomena known as food deserts.

Episode Music

David BazanHard to Be
The SubcontinentalsThe Continental Drift
Clint EastwoodFrankie’s Office
Clint EastwoodBlue Morgan (Opening Titles)
ManishevitzOh Lilly
Angela DuncanLoops
Alex MeixnerDonuts Polka
Brian and the Mississippi Valley DutchmenLaughing Concertina
Crazy Rocket FuelTaycheedah Bound (Mastered)
Gary Kent & His BandOld Milwaukee Polka
This Will Destroy YouVilla Del Refugio
The Six Parts SevenChanging The Name Of October
The Six Parts SevenSilence Magnifies Sound
Kings Go ForthDon’t Take My Shadow
This Will Destroy YouThey Move On Tracks Of Never-Ending Light
Imogen HeapFirst Train Home (Instrumental)

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