Miami, FL: Bridging the Divide

Famous for its beaches and clubs, Miami is also the 3rd poorest city in the nation. If you own a store in South Beach, your customers are equally likely to be billionaires or homeless people. And, on top of that, they’re very likely to have started life somewhere else.  Miami is an incredibly international city—but not in the way many others are. Here, instead of working towards assimilation and blending with one another, ethnic communities exist as a patchwork, remaining like isolated microcosms of their homeland.


  • Spam Allstars

    SOTRU catches up with The Spam Allstars, one of Miami’s most popular bands. A true musical revolution, The Spam Allstars combine elements of Haitian music, Cuban music, jazz, funk and electronica to create a very Miami sound.
  • The Diaspora

    Before the devastating Haitian earthquake in 2010, Maggie Austin was just one of many Haitian Diaspora living in Miami. But soon afterwards, Maggie resigned from her position as a law school professor and became the head of Konbit for Haiti, a non profit which helps Haitian Americans, and for the first time in decades, reconnected with her Haitian roots.

Episode Music

Artist Track
Spam Allstars City of Progress
Spam Allstars Fiesta de los Feos
Spam Allstars Afrika
Spam Allstars Mucha Nota
Spam Allstars A Live recording from Hoy Como Ayer, Little Havana, February 24, 2011
Walter Wanderley Popcorn
Marc Ribot & Los Cubanos Postizos Jaguey
Tosca Oscar feat. Anna Clementi
Tosca D-Moll (session1)
Tina Antolini Earthquake Rumbles for Piano
Franz Schubert/Vladimir Horowitz Piano Sonata in B-flat Andante Sostenuto
Amiina Pusl
Kings of Leon Taper Jean Girl
Helios Coast Off
Little People Moon
Bonobo We Could Go Forever
Soundproviders Autumn Evening Breeze
RJD2 Seven Light Years
Will Smith Miami

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