Las Vegas, NV: Bright Lights, Big City, Small Town

These days, two versions of Las Vegas occupy the public imagination. One is of Sin City, home to The Strip, to glitter and entertainment. The other is as a dramatic victim of the recent economic recession, a city where whole neighborhoods have been foreclosed upon, where the jobless rate shot up to double digits, where massive casino and hotel constructions were suspended, leaving hulking ghosts to remind residents of the boom times. In this episode, SOTRU explores stories of people making Las Vegas home between these two sides of the city, those working to cultivate community in a place that has a reputation for being impersonal.

Episode Music

Artist Track
Frank Sinatra Luck Be a Lady
Helios Cullen Hill
The Roots Instrumental—Guess Who’s Back
Brian Eno Emerald and Stone
Phillip Bimstein Casino
The Skatalites Naked City
The American Dollar Equinox
Lymbyc System Contemporary Art
Uberschall Was Ist Das
Uberschall Soundcolumn
Uberschall Music recorded live at the Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas, NV on December 26, 2010
This Will Destroy You Happiness: We’re All In It Together
Amon Tobin People Like Frank
Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas
  • krislv

    As a Vegas transplant resident of ten years, have to say you did an excellent job on this piece. Most outsiders don’t get it, even fewer can categorize life here. I think you did an overall great job in the representation of our lives which often can’t be understood without living it…it is a city where many do, as your mic caught it, here..thank you!

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