Jacksonville, FL: Grinding the Gears

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida is a lot of things: a military town. A church town. A beach town. And it can be all those things because Jacksonville is the largest city in the whole country: 841 acres of sprawl, highways and strip malls dotted with tiny, unique neighborhoods. How does a place this huge and diverse lurch forward to keep pace with the rest of the country? The quick answer: often, it doesn’t. But once in a while, in small surprising ways, this place can be an incubator for innovation. In host Al Letson’s hometown episode, SOTRU asks: is Jacksonville is moving backward, stuck in neutral, or shifting towards progress?

Photo Source: Jonathan Zander from Wikimedia Commons


Episode Music

Artist Track
Balanescu Quartet Model
Andrew Bird Belles
Andrew Bird Take Courage
Andrew Bird The Giant of Illinois
John Fahey Knoxville Blues
John Fahey Lion
John Fahey Medley: Snowflakes; Steamboat
John Fahey Revelation
Tyler Gibbons Winter Face (instrumental)
Frank Ocean White (feat. John Mayer)
Ratatat Black Heroes
Ratatat El Pico
Ratatat Montanita
Ratatat Reflection Eternal
Spanish Armada Chaos (Instrumental)
The Stranglers Nice ‘N’ Sleazy
Dmitri Shostakovich Waltz No. 2

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