Jacksonville, FL: Grinding the Gears

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida is a lot of things: a military town. A church town. A beach town. And it can be all those things because Jacksonville is the largest city in the whole country: 841 acres of sprawl, highways and strip malls dotted with tiny, unique neighborhoods. How does a place this huge and diverse lurch forward to keep pace with the rest of the country? The quick answer: often, it doesn’t. But once in a while, in small surprising ways, this place can be an incubator for innovation. In host Al Letson’s hometown episode, SOTRU asks: is Jacksonville is moving backward, stuck in neutral, or shifting towards progress?

Photo Source: Jonathan Zander from Wikimedia Commons


Episode Music

Balanescu QuartetModel
Andrew BirdBelles
Andrew BirdTake Courage
Andrew BirdThe Giant of Illinois
John FaheyKnoxville Blues
John FaheyLion
John FaheyMedley: Snowflakes; Steamboat
John FaheyRevelation
Tyler GibbonsWinter Face (instrumental)
Frank OceanWhite (feat. John Mayer)
RatatatBlack Heroes
RatatatEl Pico
RatatatReflection Eternal
Spanish ArmadaChaos (Instrumental)
The StranglersNice ‘N’ Sleazy
Dmitri ShostakovichWaltz No. 2

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