Season 1

Bayard Rustin

Bayard Rustin: Who Is This Man?

August 28th, 1963 will forever be tied to Martin Luther King Jr.’s hallowed “I Have a Dream Speech.” This historic moment would probably have never…
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA: Home, Sweet Home

Los Angeles, Lala land, often thought of as the city of movies and money and fame. But that characterization doesn’t get at the heart and…
New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, LA: The Big Easy

SOTRU explores and celebrates New Orleans, Louisiana. The city of New Orleans is as proud of its traditions as it is steeped in them. But…
Oakridge, OR

Oakridge: A Work in Progress

Back in the timber industry’s heyday, small mill towns in Oregon were thriving. Business was booming. Then in the early 1990s, the saws stopped. The…

Twin Cities, MN: World Within Two Cities

It isn’t exactly Lake Wobegon anymore… Once known as the home of Midwestern Lutherans and Scandanavian farmers, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are…
Veterans Day Special

Veterans Day Special

Soldiers coming  home from Iraq and Afghanistan can be faced with obstacles and 
wounds not clearly visible to the rest of the country. These current…

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