SOTRU Short: In East Portland, Soccer Helps Make a City Home

Portland World Cup
What happens if you move to Portland, Oregon and you’re not into bikes or beer? Or if, say, you don’t even speak English? East Portland, a part of the city that looks completely different from the hipster central we’re familiar with from Portlandia, is home to a growing number of immigrants and refugees. Many of them struggle to find work and a sense of connection to their new home in the Pacific Northwest. But some have found that in the effort to integrate, *soccer* can be a useful tool.

This SOTRU short was produced in conjunction with our episode, Portland, OR: A Tale of Two Cities. To listen to the entire episode, see pictures and more, visit our episode page.

  • jmartin

    I love that this article puts a positive spin on East Portland! These are the kids I teach and they are a vibrant and amazing group of people!

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