Comics: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Comics: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

In this episode we explore a community where when evil rears its head, someone finds a way to set things right, even if they have to make sacrifices and defy the laws of our universe to do it. In this hour we tell the stories of real-life battles between good and evil in the world of comic books, where underdogs often come out on top and fantasy merges with reality. From creators and whistleblowers to real-life superheroes who’ve brought comics to life, putting on their own capes and costumes to fight for justice in their cities.


Episode Music

Dark Knight Motion Picture SoundtrackI’m Not a Hero
Dark Knight Motion Picture SoundtrackAggressive Expansion
John WilliamsTheme from Superman
Soul PositionPrintmatic
Soul PositionRun
Soul PositionJust Think
Soul PositionI Love
Explosions in the SkyYour Hand in Mine
Explosions in the SkyWhat Do You Go Home To?
RatatatGrape Juice City
BalmorheaElegy (Bexar Bexar Remix)
QuanticTrouble For the River
BlockheadAttack the Doctor
Rick JamesSuperFreak
Alabama ShakesHeartbreaker
CalexicoWhen Only the Ashes Are Left
The HerbaliserForty Winks
The HerbaliserMr. Chombee Has the Law
RJD2F.H.H.” Instrumental
Jay GruskaLois And Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Bexar BexarOil Thumbprints
Neal HeftiBatman TV Series Theme
  • Carolyn Stephens

    We drove through Greensburg about a year after the tornado. There was not a leaf left on any of the trees. The only business was a convenience store where we got gas. Across the street we saw a couple raking the yard where their house once stood. It broke my heart but it also showed that these people had not given up. We drove through again last August and witnessed the amazing rebirth. Anyone who feels that they have no hope left should visit Greensburg.

  • just wanted to say thanks for this… heard the first part of this on the way home from a rehearsal and found it here to finish listening. made me tear up. nice to know others think so highly of the art form and the positive effect it has had on people’s lives. just goes to show how much art and myth are necessary for societal good… i too, like many fans, have always wanted to draw for comics,… sadly (or not so sadly), my life led in another direction. luckily, i am still telling stories. my wife and i try to create “myths for modern times” through movement and dance at deviated theatre and i am always amazed how much my building of these works are influenced by the hero myths which i first found in the pages of comics. again, great work… and don’t feel too bad about and $85 pull… i think when i was doing a lot of collecting my pull easily hit $150 :).

  • Hubert Smith

    Yet another of the growing number of items on PRX that are robust and inspiring. Certainly the taint of PRX’s all-too-common condescension to a “victim,” but it is so refreshing to hear this sort of job! Nary a trannie in sight (or in the ear)

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