Back to Basics: An American Graduate Special

Back to Basics Featured Image

In this American Graduate special, State of the Re:Union takes a closer look at school, community, and the dropout crisis in this country.  With reporting from both urban and rural schools, and interviews with education experts, SOTRU goes “back to basics,” looking at strategies that get to the heart of what makes students want to learn.


Episode Music

Artist Track
Art Galbraith Billy Low in the Ground
Anselark Marisa (Orchards & Armchairs)
Ratatat Alps
Ratatat Black Heroes
Ratatat Crips
Ratatat Drugs
Ratatat Mandy
Ratatat Mi Viejo
Ratatat We Can’t Be Stopped
La Clave The Ghetto
Ray Barretto Son Con Cuero
The Six Parts Seven Seems Like Most Everything Used to be Something Else
Unwed Sailor In the Presence of Thrones
Zoe Keating Don’t Worry
Zoe Keating Optimist
Zoe Keating The Path
Zoe Keating Seven League Boots
Zoe Keating Sun Will Set

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