Appalachia Rising

Rural Appalachia has long been portrayed in the media as a place of victims: people at the mercy of the region’s poverty or bigotry. In this episode, SOTRU turns that notion of Appalachia on its head, telling stories of residents fighting for the well-being of their land, people and culture. We travel to southern West Virginia, where former coal miners and their families are fighting mountain-top removal mining and a small town is reinventing itself. Then, we visit Eastern Kentucky, where a community radio show has inspired an outpouring of activism.

Episode Music

Artist Track
Dirk Powell/Danjamowf Hill Hop Train, Clap, Pretty Polly
Erik Friedlander A Thousand Unpieced Suns
Kaki King Frame
Kaki King Ingots
Ratatat Bilar
Balmorhea Remembrance
Balmorhea Truth (Helios Remix)
Balmorhea Bowsprit
Explosions in the Sky What Do You Go Home To
Nathan Hobbs having to do with a cave
Nathan Hobbs having to do with a cave
Option 22 Many Many
Miss Behavin’ Seven Nation Army
Blackalicious First Flight
  • Babette Hogan

    Great segment. Thank you. You have captured the spirit of Appalachia and the trouble in America.

  • Zach A

    Appalachia actually extends into Pennsylvania and New York, unless you were hinting exclusively at “rural” Appalachia. Otherwise, great podcast.

    • SOTRU

      Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, State of the Re:Union is on hiatus indefinitely, so this email address is currently unmonitored.

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